Amazon Whitewater Biotope Aquarium Setup


A biotope aquaria is an aquarium that is set-up to simulate a natural habitat. The fish, plants, water chemistry, and furnishings are similar to those that can be found in a specific natural setting.

Always check compatibility! Some species from a particular habitat are not suitable tankmates. For example, the Peacock Bass will eat small tetras since they are their natural food in the wild.

The biotope aquarium can be adapted by adding species from disparate areas that have similar water requirements.

[Photos from various habitats/biotopes]

Freshwater fish species listed by country and ecosystem -- excellent resources for constructing biotope aquaria.

South American Whitewater River

Whitewater rivers have a muddy brown color with little visibility because of the heavy sediment content.
In the main river, there are almost no plants, and mostly large fish unsuitable for the aquarium.
Quiet backwater areas like oxbow lakes have more aquarium fish species, and greater plant life.
Whitewater rivers include the Amazon, the Napo, and the Orinoco.

Amazon River, Orinoco

pH 6.8-7.1, 3-8 dH, 79-84 F (26-29 C)

The tank should be furnished with driftwood and open swimming areas.
Use a fine gravel, or preferably, clay. Oxbow lakes typically have floating plants and reeds near the shoreline.

Sword plants, Water Lettuce, Duckweed, Riccia, Vallisneria

Oscars, Acaras, Eartheaters, Angelfish, Headstanders, Piranhas, Hatchetfish, Tetras, Pimelodids, Doradids, Loricarids, Corydoras

Large Whitewater River: Peru, Peru
Flooded Forest: Brazil, Brazil, Brazil, Brazil
South American Oxbow Lake: Brazil, Brazil, Peru, Peru, Brazil, Brazil.
South American Whitewater Creek: Peru, Peru, Peru.


Other Biotope Resources

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