SCI: Ricca fluitans
COM: Crystalwort
SYN: None
FAM: Ricciaceae
RANGE: Cosmopolitan
AQUASCAP: Floating
HEIGHT: Not applicable
AH: From 8" (20 cm)
WATER: bright
LIGHT: pH: 6.0-7.2; 4-15 dH; 64-86�F (18-30�C)
SUBSTATE: Not applicable
P: division
REMARKS: Crystalwort serves as a refuge for fry and a nest-building material for anabantids. In shallow, brightly lit aquariums, Crystalwort can be partially buried in the substrate and grown there. As a floating plant, Crystalwort needs frequent thinning. The tank should not have a strong water current because Crystalwort will be carried throughout the tank. Crystalwort is easily affected by algae. DC: 1