Seven-Spot Archerfish | Toxotes chataeus

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Profile: Seven-Spot Archerfish
Toxotes chataeus Synonyms: Coius chataeus
Physical description: The fish is moderately elongated and laterally compressed with a pointed head. The eyes are large and set fairly far forward. The cleft mouth points toward the surface. The dorsal and anal fins are situated far back on the body. The body is yellow-green to white while the back is darker. The body is marked with seven black spots, which may fade with age. The caudal fin is yellow to green in color, while the rear parts of the anal and dorsal fins are black.
Size/Length: To 12" (30 cm)
Similar species: Other Archerfish.
Habitat: Found in brackish water estuaries and mangrove swamps. Southeast Asia and Australia; India, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam.
S: top
Aquarium: 40" (100 cm) or 45-55 gallons (170-209 L). Follow suggestions for T. jaculatrix.
Water chemistry: pH 7-8 (7.5), 10-18 dH (12), 77-88°F (25-31°C). A 1-2% addition of salt is required. Add 7.5-15 tsp. of salt to every 10 gallons (10-20 g/10 L).
Social behavior: As for T. jaculatrix.
Suggested companions: Monos, Scats, Puffers, Arius catfish, Mudskippers
FOOD: Takes food from the surface. Live: Insects; flies, spiders, crickets, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, beetles, cockroaches, meal worms; worms; insect larvae; crustaceans; small surface fish. May occasionally takes flakes and pellets.
SEX: Unknown
Breeding techniques: Unknown, most likely similar to T. jaculatrix.
Breeding potential: 10. Has not been bred in captivity.
Remarks: See T. jaculatrix.
Difficulty of care: 6. This brackish water species requires live foods.