Buttikoferi | Tilapia buttikoferi

Cichlids / Africa / Buttikoferi

Profile: Zebra Tilapia, Buttikoferi, Hornet Tilapia
Tilapia buttikoferi Synonyms: Chromis buttikoferi
Physical description: An oval shaped fish with a black body coloring. Seven to nine yellow, transverse bands mark the body. The head is yellow and the throat is black. The fins have the striping pattern of the body, except for the anal and pelvic fins which are black.
Size/Length: To 10" (25 cm)
Similar species: Tilapia joka, T. mariae
Habitat: Western Africa; found in rivers from Guinea to Liberia.
S: bottom, middle
Aquarium: A 48" (122 cm) tank with a capacity of 55 gallons (209 L) is sufficient for fish to 8" (15 cm). Larger tanks are required for full grown fish. See for Tilapia joka more details.
Water chemistry: pH 6-7.5 (6.7), 4-15 dH (7), 73-77°F (23-25°C)
Social behavior: A belligerent species that preys on smaller fish. Territorial towards other fish. This species will dig up and eat soft-leafed plants. Combine with other tough fish.
Suggested companions: Hemichromis, "Haplochromis," Synodontis, Cichlasomines.
FOOD: Live; fish, crustaceans, insect larvae, aquatic insects, Tubifex; vegetables; lettuce, spinach; flakes; tablets; chopped meat. Be sure to include roughage in this species's diet.
SEX: Males are larger.
Breeding techniques: See Tilapia joka.
Breeding potential: 7. Breeding is moderately difficult.
Remarks: Requires frequent partial water changes to prosper.
Difficulty of care: 6. A hardy and pugnacious species.