Penguin Fish | Thayeria obliqua

Characins / Characinae / Penguin Fish

Profile: Penguin Fish, Honey Stick Tetra
Thayeria obliqua SYN: None
PD: An elongated fish with a base body color of brown to golden. The belly is white to silver. A broad black stripe extends from behind the dorsal fin down the tip of the lower flank of the tail. The other fins are transparent. A golden stripe extends from the gill cover to the base of the tail.
SIZE: To 3.2" (8 cm)
SS: Boehlk's Penguin Fish ( T. boehlkei)
HAB: South America; Rio Guapore, Rio Araguaia, Rio Madeira, and Rio Mamore in Brazil. In grassy brooks and creeks with heavy algae growth and vegetation.
S: middle, top
TANK: 32" (80 cm) or 30 gallons (114 l). The tank should be arranged in dark colors and have a cover of floating plants. Have well-planted areas for hiding, and leave open swimming areas. The water should be well-aerated.
WATER: pH 5.8-7.5 (6.5), 2-15 dH (8), 68-82°F (20-28°C)
SB: A peaceful, schooling fish recommended for a community tank. Keep in groups.
SC: See T. boehlkei.
FOOD: Flakes; live; insect larvae, Brine Shrimp, .
SEX: Females are plumper when mature.
B: Similar to Thayeria boehlkei. The brown eggs hatch in 12-20 hours. The fry can be raised on Brine Shrimp nauplii and powdered foods.
BP: 8. A challenging fish to breed.
R: This fish swims in an oblique position.
DC: 4. A somewhat sensitive fish, that can be kept in a community tank.