Boehlk's Penguin Fish | Thayeria boehlkei

Characins / Characinae / Boehlk's Penguin Fish

Profile: Boehlk's Penguin Fish, False Penguin Fish
Thayeria boehlkei SYN: None
PD: An elongated fish with a base body color of brown to golden. The belly is white to silver. a broad black stripe extends from the gill cover down the tip of the lower flank of the tail. The other fins are transparent.
SIZE: To 3" (8 cm)
SS: Penguin Fish ( T. obliqua)
S: middle, top
HAB: South America; well-planted sections with slow-moving water in the Rio Araguaia (Brazil) and the Peruvian Amazon
TANK: 24" (60 cm) or 15 gallons (55 L). The tank should be well-planted and have a cover of floating plants to diffuse the lighting. Leave open swimming areas.
WATER: pH 5.8-7.5 (6.5), 4-20 dH (8), 72-82°F (22-28°C)
SB: A peaceful, schooling fish recommended for a community tank. Keep this fish in groups.
SC: Tetras, Hatchetfish, Corydoras, Apistogramma, Discus, Loricarids, gouramis
FOOD: Flakes; live; insect larvae, Brine Shrimp, Tubifex
SEX: The females are plumper.
B: Use a breeding tank that contains bushy plants. The spawning takes place at night. As many as 1000 eggs are laid at a time, which hatch in 20-24 hours. Remove parents after eggs are laid. The fry can be fed small live foods.
BP: 6. Breeding Boehlk's Penguin Fish is not difficult.
R: This fish is often sold as the Penguin Fish, a name which actually belong to Thayeria obliqua. This fish swims in an oblique position with its head toward the surface of the water. Boehlk's Penguin Fish is sensitive to toxic compounds, especially nitrate. Perform frequent partial water changes to keep this fish in top condition.
DC: 4. A fairly hardy fish recommended for a community tank.