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Profile: Asian Knifefish
Notopterus notopterus Synonyms: Gymnotus notopterus
Physical description: This elongated, laterally compressed fish has an arched back The body coloring is brown-violet to brown and the fins are lighter. The mouth is large, while the dorsal fin is small.
Size/Length: To 14" (35 cm)
Similar species: African Knifefish ( Xenomystus nigri )
Habitat: Widespread throughout Southeast Asia; Burma, India, Java, Malaysia, Sumatra, Thailand
S: bottom, middle
Aquarium: A tank measuring 40" (101 cm) or 45-55 gallons (170-210 L) is sufficient. Follow suggestions under C. ornata .
Water chemistry: pH 5.5-7 (6.5), 2-12 dH (6), 75-82 F (24-28 C)
Social behavior: The Asian Knifefish may be best kept in a species tank, although it can be combined with other medium to large fish. The Asian Knifefish is aggressive towards its own species. This nocturnal species is territorial.
Suggested companions: B. schwanenfeldi , Asian Catfish, Loricarids, Pimelodids, Giant Gourami, Loaches, and peaceful cichlids
FOOD: Live; fish, Tubifex , snails, crustaceans, earthworms; tablets
Sexual differences: Unknown
Breeding techniques: Spawning takes place at night, with 150-200 eggs being dropped on the bottom and rocks. The male guards them, chasing off other fish and fanning the eggs. The eggs hatch after 2 weeks. Start feeding with Artemia .
Breeding potential: 9. Breeding is fairly unusual
Remarks: This species is very similar to Xenomystus nigri . These two species can be distinguished by X. nigri 's lack of a dorsal fin.
Difficulty of care: 6. This aggressive species requires well maintained water and a diet including live foods.