Elephant-nose Cichlid | Nimbochromis linni

Cichlids / Africa / Lake Malawi / Elephant-nose Cichlid

Profile: Elephant-nose Cichlid, Linni
Nimbochromis linni Synonyms: Cyrtocara linni, Haplochromis linni
Physical description: The coloration of the Elephant-nose Cichlid is virtually identical to that of the Polystigma. The main difference between the two being that the Elephant-nose Cichlid possesses large lips, that when opened make the mouth look like a small trunk. This cichlid also has a slightly duller body coloration.
Size/Length: To 14" (35 cm)
Similar species: Polystigma (N. polystigma)
Habitat: Eastern Africa; found in rocky areas along the coast of Lake Malawi.
S: bottom, middle
Aquarium: 40" (100 cm) or 45-55 gallons (170-209 L) is sufficient for young fish. Larger fish need a tank of at least 60" (152 cm) or 90-110 gallons (342-378 L). See N. polystigma for detail of tank set-up.
Water chemistry: pH 7.5-8.8 (8.1), 10-25 dH (18), 73-79°F (23-26°C)
Social behavior: A predator that will eat small fish. Males are aggressive and territorial towards females, although not overly aggressive towards other species. Keep one male with several females.
Suggested companions: Lake Malawi Haplochromines, Synodontis, larger mbunas, Polypterus, Afromastacembelus
FOOD: Live; small fish, worms, aquatic insects; chopped meat; tablets; pellets
Sexual differences: The male is more brightly colored, has more distinct egg-spots, and has a more colorful dorsal edge.
Breeding techniques: Follow recommendations for N. polystigma.
Breeding potential: 7. Breeding is moderately difficult.
Remarks: N. linni may be a color morph of N. polystigma and not a separate species. The two are known to be very closely related.
Difficulty of care: 5. Like the Polystigma, care is fairly easy.