Zebra Spiny Eel | Mastacembelus zebrinus

Eels / Mastacembelidae / Zebra Spiny Eel

Profile: Zebra Spiny Eel, Short-Finned Spiny Eel
Mastacembelus zebrinus SYN: Macrognathus zebrinus
PD: The back is light yellow-brown. The flanks are a little darker and the belly is yellowish white. A fine golden line extends from the eye, back to the rear area of the fish. Just below this line is a broader, dark stripe that follows the golden stripe until the midsection. The body is marked with many transverse brown-black stripes.
SIZE: To 6" (15 cm) in captivity, 18" (45 cm) in nature.
SS: Other Mastacembelus and Aethiomastacembelus species.
HAB: Found in streams with heavy vegetation and water falls in Eastern India.
S: bottom
TANK: A tank measuring 24" (61 cm) with a volume of 20 gallons (75 L) is recommended for small fish, under 4" (10 cm). Follow suggestions under M. circumcinctus.
WATER: pH 6-8 (7.0), 6-25 dH (10), 75-82°F (24-28°C), some salt can be added if desired
SB: A peaceful fish ideal for a community tank. Gets along well with own species as long as they are similar in size.
SC: Large Gouramis, Knifefish, Giant Danios, large Loaches, Loricarids, Eartheaters, Acaras, Cichlasomines, Asian Catfish
FOOD: Live; Tubifex, fish, Brine Shrimp, mosquito larvae, bloodworms, Cyclops.
SEX: Only distinguishable when mature-females plumper
B: Unsuccessful in captivity
BP: 10. This species has not be bred in captivity.
R: Will burrow in substrate and disappear for days, even weeks. Spends most of the day buried with its snout sticking just out of the gravel.
DC: 5. A robust fish, more suited to community tanks than other eels. This species diet must include live foods.