Siamese Spiny Eel | Mastacembelus siamensis

Eels / Mastacembelidae / Siamese Spiny Eel

Profile: Siamese Spiny Eel
Mastacembelus siamensis SYN: Macrognathus siamensis
SIZE: To 16" (40 cm) in the wild, not usually more than 6" (15 cm) in captivity
PD: A fish with a "typical" eel-shape. The back is dark brown while the flanks are light brown. The belly is lighter and there is a fine yellow line extending from the snout to the caudal fin. Five eye-spots can be found on the dorsal and caudal fins.
SS: Other Mastacembelus and Aethiomastacembelus species.
HAB: Vegetation choked rivers in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Sumatra.
S: bottom
TANK: A tank measuring 24" (61 cm) with a volume of 20 gallons (75 L) is suggested for small fish. Follow recommendations under M. circumcinctus .
WATER: pH 6-8 (7.0), 6-25 dH (10), 73-82°F (23-28°C), some salt can be added if desired
SB: A peaceful fish ideal for a community tank having medium to large sized fishes. Often shy when first introduced, but becomes friendly once acclimated. Gets along well with own species as long as they are similar in size.
SC: Large Gouramis, Knifefish, Giant Danios, large Loaches, Loricarids, Eartheaters, Acaras, Cichlasomines, Asian Catfish
FOOD: Live; Tubifex, fish, Brine Shrimp, mosquito larvae, bloodworms, Cyclops.
SEX: Only distinguishable when mature-females plumper
B: Unsuccessful in captivity
BP: 10. Breeding has not been accomplished in aquaria.
R: This species has different color and pattern forms depending on its geographical population.
DC: 5. This species requires a diet of live foods.