Green Neon | Hemigrammus hyanuary

Characins / Characinae / Green Tetra

Profile: Green Neon
Hemigrammus hyanuary
SYN: None
PD: The body color is silver to olive green. An iridescent yellow to green stripe extends from the snout to the base of its tail. A black band runs below this stripe, extending from the tail to about mid way across the body. A silver to orange patch can be found above the stripe at the base of the tail. The fins are transparent.
SIZE: To 1.6" (4 cm)
SS: Boeseman's Tetra ( Hemigrammus boesemani), Golden Neon Tetra ( H. levis)
HAB: South America; in Lake Hyanuary near Manuas in Brazil. Now most are captive bred in Singapore.
S: bottom, middle
TANK: 20" (50 cm) or 10 gallons (39 L). The tank should be well-planted with open areas left for free-swimming. The tank should be in a position to receive early morning sunshine.
WATER: pH 6-7.5 (7.0); 6-15 dH (10); 72-82°F (22-28°C)
SB: A peaceful fish that is recommended for a community tank. Likes to shoal, so keep in groups of five or more individuals. A lively fish.
SC: See H. erythrozonus.
FOOD: Flake; live; insect larvae, Brine Shrimp, Tubifex, small aquatic insects.
SEX: The male is slimmer and smaller, and has small hook on anal fin
B: Use water with a pH of 6.0, 4 dH, and a temperature from 75-79°F (24-26°C). Will spawn at night in a breeding tank with soft water among fine-leafed plants. The eggs hatch after 24-32 hours and the fry are free-swimming after 2 or 3 days. Feed with micro-organisms and crushed flakes after the egg sac is consumed. The fry water should be changed weekly.
BP: 7. A moderately difficult fish to breed.
R: The iris of the Green Neon develops into a bright green color when mature. This fish needs regular water changes to thrive. Use a good water conditioner. This species is easily caught in net because of small hooks on the anal fin.
DC: 4. A hardy fish, once acclimated, as long as it is kept under a regime of frequent partial water changes.