Goldfish | Carassius auratus

Cyprinds / Goldfish

Profile: Goldfish
Carassius auratus Synonyms: Cyprinus auratus
Physical description: The common Goldfish has an elongated, stocky body. The basic body color is green-gray to orange with a variable iridescence in reflected light. From this base, breeders have developed the numerous forms available today.
Size/Length: Up to 18" (45 cm) is nature, although most domesticated breeds are considerably smaller.
Similar species: Carassius and Cyprinus species.
Habitat: Asia; originated in China. Now distributed abroad.
S: bottom, middle
Aquarium: A 20" (51 cm) or 10 gallon (38 L) tank is sufficient for young Goldfish. Large Goldfish require a 36" (91 cm) or 35 gallon (132 L) tank. The tank should include tough cold water plants. The Goldfish is a messy feeder. Make frequent water changes.
Water chemistry: pH 6-8 (7.0), 4-25 dH (10), 46-68°F (8-20°C)
Social behavior: A peaceful species that is suited to a cold water community. The Goldfish will eat soft and fine leafed plants. Do not keep the Goldfish with tropical fish.
Suggested companions: Weather Loach ( Misgurnus species), White Cloud, other cold water species.
FOOD: Flake; pellet; tablet; vegetables; plant matter; live; insects, crustaceans, insect larvae.
SEX: Males are slimmer and the rear of the anal fin is concave.
Breeding techniques: A large tank with a neutral pH and a water temperature from 68-72°F (20-22°C) should be used. The tank should be clean. As many as 1000 eggs are released. The parents should be removed and the eggs hatch in five days. The young can be raised on small live and dry foods. The young take nearly a year to develop their coloration.
Breeding potential: 4. An easily bred egg-laying species.
Remarks: The Goldfish has been subjected to selective breeding for hundreds of years and the result is countless body and color forms. Among the most popular are the Comet, Moor, Shubunkin, Veiltail, Lion-head, Oranda, Telescope, Pearl-scale, Celestial, and Fantail. Goldfish are commonly used as feeder fish though they often harbor parasites.
Difficulty of care: 1. The goldfish is an ideal fish for the novice to expert aquariast. The Goldfish is not a tropical species.