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Profile: Leopard Danio
Brachydanio "frankei" rerio Synonyms: None
Physical description: An elongated fish with an appearance virtually identical to B. rerio . The only difference is the coloration, with this "species" having a brownish back and a brownish-white body coloration. Instead of stripes, many small, blue spots are present. The fins retain the same pattern.
Size/Length: To 2.4" (6 cm)
Similar species: Zebra Danio ( B. rerio )
Habitat: India
S: middle, top
Aquarium: A tank measuring 28" (71 cm) with a capacity of 20 gallons (75 L) is recommended. See B. rerio for other suggestions.
Water chemistry: pH 6-7.7 (7.0), 2-20 dH (8), 66-77°F (19-25°C)
Social behavior: As for B. rerio .
Suggested companions: As for B. rerio.
FOOD: Flakes; live; Drosophila , other insects, insect larvae, crustaceans; occasionally algae.
Sexual differences: Females are plumper when mature.
Breeding techniques: As for B. rerio .
Breeding potential: 5. An easily bred species.
Remarks: This "species" is said to have been developed in Czechoslovakia from B. rerio . Since B. rerio and B. "frankei" crosses produce fertile offspring, this theory looks to be correct. Crosses with other Brachydanio species produce infertile offspring. Two forms have been produced; an albino variation and a veiled or long-finned form.
Difficulty of care: 2. A lively species with easy care.