Zebra Loach | Botia striata

Loaches / Botiinae / Zebra Loach

Profile: Zebra Loach
Botia striata Synonyms: None
Physical description: A stocky, fish with an arched back and a flat belly profile. The caudal fin is deeply cleft and the caudal peduncle is thick. The body is brown with numerous vertical yellow stripes which alternate in thickness. The fins are marked with brown bands.
Size/Length: To 2.7" (8 cm) in aquaria, although up to 4" (10 cm) in nature
Similar species: None
Habitat: Inhabits still and slow moving waters in southern India
S: bottom
Aquarium: A 24" (61 cm), 10-20 gallon (38-76 L) tank is sufficient for this small species. Follow suggestions for B. morleti .
Water chemistry: pH 6-7.5 (6.8), 3-15 dH (7), 73-81°F (23-27°C)
Social behavior: An active, but peaceful species that prefers to be kept in small groups of five to eight fish. A nocturnal species that become diurnal after acclimation.
Suggested companions: As for B. sidthimunki.
FOOD: Live; worms, insect larvae, crustaceans; tablets; plant matter
SEX: Unknown
Breeding techniques: Unknown
Breeding potential: No recorded spawnings in an aquarium.
Remarks: This species can make audible clicking sounds.
Difficulty of care: 4. A hardy and peaceful species whose diet should be supplemented with live foods.