Red-finned Loach | Botia lecontei

Loaches / Botiinae / Red-finned Loach

Profile: Red-finned Loach, Le Conte's Loach
Botia lecontei Synonyms: None
Physical description: A moderately elongated fish with a flat belly profile. The caudal fin is deeply forked and the caudal peduncle is thick. The body is light blue to green-blue with a greenish iridescence. The back is darker, while the belly is lighter. Transverse bands on the rear part of the body may or may not be visible, although the caudal peduncle is clearly marked with a black spot. The fins are blood red in color.
Size/Length: To 6" (15 cm)
Similar species: Sun Loach ( B. eos), Orange-finned Loach ( B. modesta), Red-finned Loach ( B. rubipinnis )
Habitat: Rivers and streams in Southeast Asia; Cambodia and Laos.
S: bottom
Aquarium: A tank measuring 40" (101 cm) with a volume of 45-55 gallons (170-209 L) is sufficient. Follow suggestions for B. helodes .
Water chemistry: pH 5.8-7 (6.5), 1-8 dH (4), 75-82°F (24-28°C)
Social behavior: A peaceful crepuscular and nocturnal species which is suitable for a community tank. This species prefers to be kept in groups of five to eight.
Suggested companions: Barbus, Colisa, Trichogaster, Corydoras, tetras, Headstanders, Silver Dollars, Hatchetfish, Danios, Loricarids.
FOOD: Live; insect larvae, worms, crustaceans; pellets
SEX: Unknown
Breeding techniques: Unknown
Breeding potential: 10. No reports of captive spawning.
Remarks: This species requires frequent partial water changes (weekly).
Difficulty of care: 5. This peaceful species requires well maintained water and a diet which includes live foods.