Peaceful Betta | Betta imbellis

Labyrinth Fish / Belontiidae / Peaceful Betta

Profile: Peaceful Betta
Betta imbellis
Synonyms: Formerly known as B. splendens
Physical description: An elongated, laterally compressed fish with a rounded caudal fin and an upturned mouth. The coloring is highly variable, although fins are not nearly as elongate as those of B. splendens. The edge of the anal fin is fairly straight, and not flowing. Females have duller colors.
Size/Length: To 2" (5 cm)
Similar species: Other Betta species
Habitat: Southeast Asia; Malaysia
S: middle, top
Aquarium: A bowl/tank of 8" (20 cm) with a capacity of 1 /2 gallons (1.9 L) is sufficient. Do not keep this fish in bowls smaller than 1 /2 gallons (1.9 L). The water should be kept clean.
Water chemistry: pH 6-8 (7.0), 3-25°dH (8), 72-79°F (22-26°C)
Social behavior: Males are aggressive towards one another, but injuries rarely occur in fights. Thus it is possible to keep more than one male in a roomy tank. This species is peaceful towards other fish. Do not combine with aggressive or fin-nipping fish.
Suggested companions: Tetras, Danios, Corydoras, Colisa species, Trichopsis, Loricarids, Loaches.
FOOD: Flakes; live; Tubifex, insect larvae, Brine Shrimp
Sexual differences: Males are more colorful and have more elaborate fins.
Breeding techniques: Follow suggestions for B. splendens.
Breeding potential: 6. Breeding is not difficult.
Remarks: This species has a temperament more peaceful than that of other Bettas, hence its common name.
Difficulty of care: 3. A hardy species that is sensitive to drastic changes in water conditions.