Lisa | Anostomus taeniatus

Characins / Curimatidae / Lisa

Profile: Lisa, Black-lined Anostomus
Anostomus taeniatus Synonyms: Laemolyta taeniata  
Physical description: An elongated fish with lateral compression. Color varies from beige to light brown with black stripes that extends from the mouth to the tail. The fins are transparent. This fish has a pointed head and an upturned mouth for grazing algae. The iris is bright red. The belly is beige to white. The lips are red. A yellow line is located above the black stripe.
Size/Length: To 8" (20 cm)
Similar species: None
Habitat: Still or slow-flowing water with floating plants.   South America; in the Rio Negro, Rio Moiocu, Rio Tapajos. 
S: bottom, middle
Aquarium: 40" (122 cm) or 40 gallons (150 l).   Tank set-up should be as for others of the Anostominae family.  See genus description.  Use a filter that does cause much disturbance of the water.   Peat filtration is recommended.  
Water chemistry: pH 5.0-6.5 (6.0), 0-8 dH (4), 75-82°F (24-28°C)
Social behavior: Should either be kept singly or in groups of six or more.   If kept in smaller groups, fish may fight.  If kept singly, it does well in a community tank with medium to large fish.
Suggested companions: South American cichlids that can tolerate acidic water, see A. anostomus.  
FOOD: Algae; vegetable; spinach, lettuce; fruits; vegetable flake food; plants; live; worms, crustaceans, aquatic insects, insect larvae.
SEX: Females are said to be deeper-bodied than males.
Breeding techniques: Unknown
Breeding potential: 10.  Breeding has not been successful in captivity.
Remarks: This species swims in head pointing downwards position, grazing algae off rocks and searching for fallen food.  
Difficulty of care: 6.  A hardy fish when kept in well-maintained water.   The water should be peat-filtered and frequent partial water changes should be made.