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Profile: Green Terror
"Aequidens" rivulatus SYN: Acara aequinoctialis, A. rivulata, Chromis rivulatus
PD: An oval-shaped cichlid with a rounded caudal fin. Older males develop a large lump on the forehead. The upper back is olive green, while the flanks are iridescent light green. Each scale has a dark green marking giving the fish several sets of broken stripes. Two to four iridescent gold, lateral stripes are also located in this area. The belly is pinkish brown as is the head. The cheeks are marked with lines and dots that are iridescent turquoise in color. The fins are marked with iridescent green to blue markings and the edge of the dorsal and caudal fins is orange or white-depending on the geographical population.
SIZE: Males to 8" (20 cm), females to 6" (15 cm).
SS: Blue Acara ("Aequidens" pulcher). The Green Terror was known as A. pulcher for some time. Aequidens aequinoctialis may be a separate species as may be A. azurifer.
HAB: South America; Columbia, Ecuador, Peru.
S: bottom, middle
TANK: A 36" (91 cm) or 35 gallon (132 L) tank is sufficient for smaller individuals (under 5"). Adult specimen require a tank measuring at least 48" (122 cm) with a capacity of 55 gallons (209 L). Provide many hiding places among rocky areas and driftwood. Use large, hardy plants if any, because this fish may burrow. Leave an open swimming area.
WATER: 6-8 pH (6.8), 4-20 dH (8), 68-77°F (20-25°C)
SB: A territorial fish that can be combined with other large, robust, aggressive fish. Pairs form a nuclear family.
SC: Cichlasomines from South and Central America, Pimelodids, Loricarids, Doradids, Silver Dollars, Pacus, Arawana.
FOOD: Large live and dry foods, pellets, live fish, frozen
SEX: Males will develop a large hump on their forehead with age. The females are usually darker in color and smaller.
B: Breeding the Green Terror is somewhat difficult. Try using warmer water with a temperature of 77-81°F (25-27°C), a pH of 6.5, and a water hardness from 5-8 dH. As many as 300 eggs are laid on carefully cleaned rocks. The fry hatch in 3-4 days and are free swimming after 9-12 days, at which time they can be fed Brine Shrimp. The fry are sensitive to water pollutants and should be changed often. They are slow growing until the reach 3/4", when their growth rate accelerates.
BP: 7. The Green Terror is a moderately difficult fish to breed.
R: Keep up good water conditions for this fish's full colors to come out. Some researchers believe that A. rivulatus has some dwarf sub-species that grow no larger than 5" (13 cm). Sexually mature at 4-5" (10-13 cm).
DC: 6. An aggressive cichlid that is sensitive to old water. The Green Terror requires lives foods.