Brazilian Freshwater Sole | Achirus errans

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Profile: Brazilian Freshwater Sole
Achirus errans Synonyms: None
Physical description: A flattened species, having an oval shape. The body is elongated and the eyes are located on the right side of the body. The body color is light brown to beige and is irregularly spotted with large and small brown markings.
Size/Length: To 4" (10 cm)
Similar species: Salt-Pan Sole ( Brachinus salinarum )
Habitat: Areas with sandy riverbeds. South America; the Amazon and Paraguay rivers.
S: bottom
Aquarium: 28" (70 cm) or 20-25 gallons (76-95 l). The tank should have a substrate of fine gravel or preferably sand. Provide hiding places with stones, roots, and wood. Use a cover of floating plants to diffuse the lighting. Some plants should be used. Shallow tanks are preferred.
Water chemistry: pH 5-7 (6.5), 2-10 dH (7), 79-86°F (26-30°C)
Social behavior: Peaceful. Keep with other small to medium sized, peaceful fish of the upper swimming levels. This fish does best in a species tank.
Suggested companions: Tetras, hatchetfish, pencilfish, Otocinclus.
FOOD: Live; Tubifex , chopped earthworms, insect larvae-especially blood worms, shrimp; chopped meat; occasionally tablets. This fish should be fed after the lights are turned off.
Sexual differences: Unknown
Breeding techniques: Unknown
Breeding potential: 10. No reports of successful spawning have been reported.
REMARKS: Delicate species which is short lived. Has trouble acclimating and is very sensitive to water conditions, medications, and chemicals. Nocturnal
Difficulty of care: 7. A sensitive fish that requires live foods in its diet.