Slender Freshwater Barracuda | Acestrorhynchus nasutus

Characins / Characinae / Slender Freshwater Barracuda

Profile: Slender Freshwater Barracuda, Big-eyed Cachorro
Acestrorhynchus nasutus | Pictures
SYN: Hydrogon nasutus, Xiphoramphus nasutus, Xiphorhynchus nasutus
PD: A slender, elongated fish that has a large mouth and eyes. It body ranges from yellow to silver while its belly is white. The dorsal fin is located far back on the body and stands tall. Its tail is forked with yellow marking and a black spot can be found at its base. The other fins are transparent.
SIZE: To 16" (40 cm)
SS: Other A cestrorhynchus species.
HAB: South America; northern Amazon Basin
S: middle, top
TANK: 60" (150 cm) or 90-plus gallons (342 L). See A. falcatus for other specifications.
WATER: pH 6-7.5 (7.0), 8-16 dH (12), 75-82°F (24-28°C)
SB: As for Acestrorhynchus falcatus
SC: A. falcatus
FOOD: Live: mostly fish; earthworms, aquatic insects,
Tubifex; pellets; chopped meat.
SEX: Females are plumper.
B: Unsuccessful in captivity
BP: 10. No success in spawning this fish has been reported
R: See Acestrorhynchus falcatus. This species is not an aquarium fish.
DC: 7. A large and aggressive fish that requires a diet including live foods.