Limnobium laevigatum
COMMON NAME: Amazon Frogbit
SYN: Limnobium stoloniferum, Hydromistria stoloniferum, Salvinia laevigatum
FAMILY: Hydrocharitaceae
RANGE: From Mexico to South America
HEIGHT: about 1" (3 cm), though the roots may reach 12" (30 cm)
AH: from 10" (25 cm)
WATER: bright
LIGHT: pH: 6.0-7.5; 2-12 dH; 70-81�F (21-27�C)
SUBSTRATE: Not applicable
P: Runners
REMARKS: A fast-growing species that should be given fertilizer and thinned often. Frogbit serves as a good spawning material and is an excellent fry refuge. There should be a cover and adequate room between the surface of the water and the light so that the leaves are not burned.
DC: 3

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