Cryptocoryne wendtii
SYN: None
FAMILY: Araceae
RANGE: Asia; Sri Lanka
AQUASCAPE: All regions, depending on variety
HEIGHT: Varities range from 5-16" (13-40 cm)
AH: 12-20" (30-50 cm)
LIGHT: moderate to bright
WATER: pH: 6.5-7.5; 3-15 dH; 72-82�F (22-28�C)
SUBSTRATE: plain gravel, though most crypts are best grown in mesh baskets.
P: Runners
REMARKS: This species, like all Crypts, is sensitive to sudden water changes. Thus it is omportant to make only small water changes. Always try to get Cyrpts from a source where they have been cultivated in captivity. Wild Crypts appear to be especially sensitive to acclimation to life in aquaria. There are numerous variations in this species depending on the area of collection.
DC: 3

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