Cryptocoryne balansae
SYN: None
FAMILY: Araceae
RANGE: Southeast Asia; Thailand, Vietnam
AQUASCAPE: A background plant.
HEIGHT: To 22" (56 cm)
AH: From 18" (40 cm)
LIGHT: bright
WATER: pH: 6.5-7.5; 4-12 dH; 72-82�F (22-28�C)
SUBSTRATE: plain gravel
P: Runners
REMARKS: Give this species plenty of space. Crypts are sensitive to "Cyrptocoryne disease," which manifests inself in the form of soft, transparent spots on the leaves usually brough on by a sudden enviromental change. The spots rapidly expand, killing the leaf in anywhere from hours to a few days. However, even if all the leaves die off, the roots and rhizome should be left in the gravel. After some time, a new plant will likely arise.
DC: 6

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