Bolbitis heudelotii
COMMON NAME: African Water Fern
SYN: None
FAMILY: Lomariopsidaceae
RANGE: Throughout tropical Africa; from Ethiopia to South Africa. This species grows along waterways with its roots submerged.
AQUASCAPE: A background plant that can be used to decorate wood and rocks.
HEIGHT: To 20" (50 cm)
AH: From 20" (50 cm)
WATER: subdued
LIGHT: pH: 5.8-7.5; 2-12 dH; 73-81�F (23-27�C)
SUBSTRATE: None, attach to wood.
P: By cutting the rhizome.
REMARKS: This species prefers water with some current. Once this species reaches 10" (25 cm) in length, it becomes hardy.
DC: 6

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