Aponogeton madagascariensis
COMMON NAME: Lace Plant, Madagascar Lace-leaf
SYN: Aponogeton fenestralis
FAMILY: Aponogetonaceae
RANGE: Africa; Madagascar
AQUASCAPE: Middleground specimen plant.
HEIGHT: To 30" (75 cm)
AH: From 20" (50 cm)
LIGHT: moderate
WATER: pH: 5.5-6.8, 1-4 dH, 66-73�F (19-23�C)
SUBSTRATE: plain gravel
P: Difficult, the seeds produced by flowers rarely germinate. Tubers can be divided after purchase.
REMARKS: Algae quickley causes the demise of this interseting species. This species is short-lived and usually disintegrates after about a year in aquaria. Provide a moderate current and clean, clear water.
DC: 9

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