Alternanthera reineckii
COMMON NAME: Red Hygrophila
SYN: Alternanthera rosaefolia
FAMILY: Amaranthaceae
RANGE: Distributed in tropical areas worldwide.
AQUASCAPE: A middleground to background bunch plant.
AH: From 18" (45 cm)
LIGHT: very bright
WATER: pH: 5.8-7.2, 2-12 dH, 68-84�F (20-29�C)
SUBSTRATE: plain gravel
P: Plant cuttings of at least 8" (20 cm) long.
REMARKS: This species has the best red color and is the best suited to submerged life of its genus. Other species do less well when submerged. Very strong light is required for this species to posper.
DC: 5

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