Acorus gramineus
COMMON NAME: Japanese Rush Plant
SYN: None
FAMILY: Araceae
RANGE: Asia; bogs in Japan
AQUASCAPE: A. gramineus var. pussilus and A. gramineus var. variegatus is a dwarf form suitable for foreground planting. A. gramineus var. intermedius is a suitable background plant.
HEIGHT: A. gramineus var. pussilus/variegatus to 4" (10 cm),A. gramineus var. intermedius to 18" (45 cm).
AH: From 10" (25 cm)
LIGHT: low to bright
WATER: pH 6.0-7.0, 2-12 dH, 59-70�F (15-21�C)
SUBSTRATE: plain gravel
P: split the rhizome
REMARKS: Because this species is a bod plant, it should be grown totally or partially emersed.
DC: 8

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