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Freshwater Fish Species in Athi-Galana-Sabaki River Drainage System

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Fish Species in Athi-Galana-Sabaki River Drainage System
Second largest, east-flowing system of Kenya. Rising near Nairobi, it drains the Kapiti Plains south of Nairobi, the southern slopes of the Aderdare Mountains, parts of Yatta Plateau and the eastern flanks of Mount Kilimanjaro. Major tributaries include Kiboko and Tsavo Rivers. Below Lugard's Fall (near Tsavo River confluence), river is called Galana. The lowermost course is called Sabaki. The Tsavo River, which is maintained by the Mazima Springs, is the only permanent flowing affluent of the lower drainage system.

[No. of Species listed in Fishbase.org=81]
Species Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic level Status
Acentrogobius simplex Gobiidae demersal 10 TL 3.2 native
Alestes affinis Alestiidae pelagic 14 TL 3.1 native
Ambassis gymnocephalus Ambassidae demersal 16 TL 3.2 native
Amphilius uranoscopus Amphiliidae demersal 20 TL 2.9 native
Anguilla bengalensis labiata Anguillidae demersal 160 TL 3.7 native
Anguilla bicolor bicolor Anguillidae demersal 100 TL 3.6 native
Anguilla mossambica Anguillidae demersal 150 TL 3.3 native
Aplocheilichthys kongoranensis Poeciliidae benthopelagic 4 TL 3.3 native
Arius africanus Ariidae benthopelagic 55 TL 3.8 native
Arius dussumieri Ariidae demersal 76 TL 4.0 native
Astatoreochromis alluaudi Cichlidae benthopelagic 24 TL 3.6 native
Awaous aeneofuscus Gobiidae benthopelagic 32 TL 3.1 native
Barbus apleurogramma Cyprinidae benthopelagic 7 TL 2.9 native
Barbus innocens Cyprinidae benthopelagic 8 TL 2.4 native
Barbus jacksoni Cyprinidae benthopelagic 15 TL 3.0 native
Barbus kerstenii kerstenii Cyprinidae benthopelagic 11 TL 3.0 native
Barbus laticeps Cyprinidae benthopelagic 7 TL 2.9 native
Barbus lineomaculatus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 11 TL 3.0 native
Barbus mariae Cyprinidae benthopelagic 42 TL 3.0 native
Barbus neumayeri Cyprinidae benthopelagic 15 TL 3.0 native
Barbus oxyrhynchus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 49 TL 3.3 native
Barbus paludinosus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 19 TL 2.8 native
Barbus quadripunctatus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 4 TL 2.9 native
Barbus zanzibaricus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 10 TL 3.0 native
Brycinus imberi Alestiidae demersal 20 TL 3.3 native
Butis butis Eleotridae demersal 15 TL 4.0 native
Caecomastacembelus frenatus Mastacembelidae demersal 49 TL 3.9 native
Carcharhinus leucas Carcharhinidae demersal 350 TL 4.3 native
Chiloglanis brevibarbis Mochokidae benthopelagic 6 TL 3.1 native
Clarias gariepinus Clariidae benthopelagic 170 TL 4.4 native
Clarotes laticeps Bagridae demersal 98 TL 3.1 native
Ctenopharyngodon idellus Cyprinidae demersal 150 TL 2.0 introduced
Cyprinus carpio carpio Cyprinidae benthopelagic 147 TL 3.0 introduced
Eleotris fusca Eleotridae demersal 26 TL 4.0 native
Garra dembeensis Cyprinidae benthopelagic 14 TL 2.0 native
Glossogobius giuris Gobiidae demersal 61 TL 4.3 native
Haplochromis pectoralis Cichlidae benthopelagic 9 TL 3.0 native
Hippichthys cyanospilus Syngnathidae demersal 20 TL 3.0 native
Kuhlia rupestris Kuhliidae benthopelagic 45 TL 3.0 native
Labeo cylindricus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 49 TL 2.0 native
Labeo gregorii Cyprinidae benthopelagic 13 TL 3.0 native
Labeo trigliceps Cyprinidae benthopelagic 49 TL 2.4 native
Liza macrolepis Mugilidae demersal 74 TL 2.7 native
Marcusenius livingstonii Mormyridae demersal 37 TL 3.1 native
Marcusenius macrolepidotus Mormyridae demersal 32 TL 3.2 native
Megalops cyprinoides Megalopidae pelagic 150 TL 3.3 native
Microphis fluviatilis Syngnathidae demersal 21 TL 3.4 native
Monodactylus argenteus Monodactylidae pelagic 25 TL 3.0 native
Mormyrus bernhardi Mormyridae demersal 24 TL 3.2 native
Mormyrus tenuirostris Mormyridae demersal 13 TL 3.2 native
Mugil cephalus Mugilidae benthopelagic 147 TL 2.1 native
Neobola fluviatilis Cyprinidae benthopelagic 10 TL 2.8 native
Nothobranchius cyaneus Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 6 TL 3.2 native
Nothobranchius elongatus Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 6 TL 3.2 native
Nothobranchius foerschi Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 5 TL 3.3 native
Nothobranchius interruptus Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 7 TL 3.2 native
Nothobranchius janpapi Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 5 TL 3.1 native
Nothobranchius jubbi Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 6 TL 3.2 native
Nothobranchius lourensi Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 5 TL 3.3 native
Nothobranchius microlepis Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 70 TL 3.5 native
Nothobranchius steinforti Aplocheilidae benthopelagic 5 TL 3.3 native
Oncorhynchus mykiss Salmonidae benthopelagic 120 TL 4.4 introduced
Oreochromis spilurus niger Cichlidae benthopelagic 40 TL 2.6 native
Oreochromis spilurus spilurus Cichlidae benthopelagic 24 TL 2.6 native
Pantanodon stuhlmanni Poeciliidae benthopelagic 5 TL 3.2 native
Pellona ditchela Clupeidae pelagic 20 TL 3.4 native
Poecilia latipinna Poeciliidae benthopelagic 15 TL 2.0 introduced
Poecilia reticulata Poeciliidae benthopelagic 7 TL 3.2 introduced
Pristis microdon Pristidae demersal 656 TL 3.9 native
Protopterus amphibius Protopteridae demersal 45 TL 3.2 native
Protopterus annectens annectens Protopteridae demersal 100 TL 3.8 native
Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor victoriae Cichlidae benthopelagic 8 TL 3.0 native
Rhabdalestes tangensis Alestiidae pelagic 8 TL 3.1 native
Salmo trutta trutta Salmonidae pelagic 171 TL 3.3 introduced
Scatophagus tetracanthus Scatophagidae benthopelagic 30 TL 2.8 native
Schilbe intermedius Schilbeidae pelagic 61 TL 3.7 native
Stenogobius kenyae Gobiidae demersal 12 TL 3.3 native
Synodontis rukwaensis Mochokidae benthopelagic 29 TL 3.0 native
Synodontis serpentis Mochokidae benthopelagic 13 TL 2.6 native
Synodontis zanzibaricus Mochokidae benthopelagic 14 TL 2.6 endemic
Tilapia rendalli Cichlidae benthopelagic 45 TL 2.2 introduced
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