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Freshwater Fish Species in Orange [South Africa]

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Fish Species in Orange

[No. of Species listed in Fishbase.org=18]
Species Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic level Status
Austroglanis sclateri Bagridae demersal 37 TL 3.5 native
Barbus aeneus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 56 TL 3.1 native
Barbus anoplus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 15 TL 2.7 native
Barbus hospes Cyprinidae benthopelagic 10 TL 3.3 native
Barbus kimberleyensis Cyprinidae benthopelagic 92 TL 3.1 native
Barbus pallidus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 9 TL 3.0 native
Barbus trimaculatus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 19 TL 3.2 native
Clarias gariepinus Clariidae benthopelagic 170 TL 4.4 native
Cyprinus carpio carpio Cyprinidae benthopelagic 147 TL 3.0 introduced
Labeo capensis Cyprinidae benthopelagic 56 TL 2.0 native
Labeo umbratus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 50 TL 2.8 native
Liza richardsonii Mugilidae demersal 41 TL 2.4 native
Mesobola brevianalis Cyprinidae benthopelagic 10 TL 3.2 native
Mugil cephalus Mugilidae benthopelagic 147 TL 2.1 native
Oreochromis mossambicus Cichlidae benthopelagic 48 TL 2.0 introduced
Pseudobarbus quathlambae Cyprinidae benthopelagic 16 TL 3.2 native
Tilapia rendalli Cichlidae benthopelagic 45 TL 2.2 native
Tilapia sparrmanii Cichlidae benthopelagic 24 TL 2.7 native
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