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List of Freshwater Fishes for Trinidad and Tobago

Number of freshwater fish species: 95 The tables below were generated from Fishbase.org - A project to provide indexing and links for all known species as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity. All links below take you to pages on the fishbase.org site.
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Order Family Species Status FB name Name
Pleuronectiformes Achiridae Achirus achirus native Drab sole  
Perciformes Cichlidae Aequidens pulcher native Blue acara Green coscarob 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Agonostomus monticola native Mountain mullet Mountain mullet 
Cyprinodontiformes Anablepidae Anableps anableps native Largescale foureyes Foureye 
Cyprinodontiformes Anablepidae Anableps microlepis native Foureyes  
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Anchoa parva native Little anchovy  
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Anchoa spinifer native Spicule anchovy Orange anchovy 
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Anchovia surinamensis native Surinam anchovy  
Siluriformes Loricariidae Ancistrus cirrhosus misidentification Jumbie teta Jumbie teta 
Siluriformes Loricariidae Ancistrus maracasae endemic   
Siluriformes Loricariidae Ancistrus trinitatis endemic   
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata native American eel  
Siluriformes Ariidae Ariopsis bonillai misidentification New Granada sea catfish  
Siluriformes Aspredinidae Aspredinichthys filamentosus native Sevenbarbed banjo  
Siluriformes Aspredinidae Aspredinichthys tibicen native Tenbarbed banjo  
Siluriformes Aspredinidae Aspredo aspredo native Banjo  
Characiformes Characidae Astyanax bimaculatus native Twospot astyanax Sardine doree 
Perciformes Gobiidae Awaous banana native River goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Awaous tajasica questionable Sand fish Sand fish 
Siluriformes Pimelodidae Brachyplatystoma vaillantii native Laulao catfish  
Characiformes Characidae Brycon amazonicus misidentification   
Siluriformes Callichthyidae Callichthys callichthys native Cascarudo Flat head cascadu 
Carcharhiniformes Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus leucas native Bull shark  
Siluriformes Ariidae Cathorops laticeps native   
Perciformes Centropomidae Centropomus ensiferus native Swordspine snook Brochet 
Perciformes Centropomidae Centropomus parallelus native Fat snook Saumon 
Perciformes Cichlidae Cichlasoma taenia native Brown coscarob Large coscarob 
Perciformes Cichlidae Cleithracara maronii native Keyhole cichlid Keyhole cichlid 
Characiformes Lebiasinidae Copella arnoldi introduced Splash tetra Copeina 
Siluriformes Callichthyidae Corydoras aeneus native Bronze corydoras  
Characiformes Characidae Corynopoma riisei native Swordtail characin Sword-tailed sardine 
Perciformes Cichlidae Crenicichla alta misidentification Millet Millet 
Perciformes Cichlidae Crenicichla frenata native   
Perciformes Cichlidae Crenicichla saxatilis native Ringtail pike cichlid  
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobius fasciatus native Blotchcheek goby  
Perciformes Gobiidae Ctenogobius pseudofasciatus native Slashcheek goby  
Perciformes Sciaenidae Cynoscion acoupa native Acoupa weakfish  
Perciformes Eleotridae Dormitator maculatus native Fat sleeper  
Perciformes Eleotridae Eleotris pisonis native Spinycheek sleeper  
Characiformes Erythrinidae Erythrinus erythrinus native   
Perciformes Gerreidae Eugerres plumieri native Striped mojarra  
Perciformes Gerreidae Gerres cinereus native Yellow fin mojarra Hedow 
Gobiesociformes Gobiesocidae Gobiesox nudus native Clingfish  
Perciformes Eleotridae Gobiomorus dormitor native Bigmouth sleeper Giant goby 
Characiformes Characidae Gymnocorymbus bondi misidentification   
Characiformes Characidae Gymnocorymbus thayeri native False black tetra Silver tetra 
Gymnotiformes Gymnotidae Gymnotus carapo native Banded knifefish Cutlass fish 
Characiformes Characidae Hemibrycon guppyi native  Mountain-stream Sardine 
Characiformes Characidae Hemibrycon taeniurus native Mountain stream sardine Sardine 
Characiformes Characidae Hemigrammus ocellifer introduced Head-and-taillight tetra  
Characiformes Characidae Hemigrammus unilineatus native Featherfin tetra Featherfin sardine 
Characiformes Erythrinidae Hoplerythrinus cinereus native  Waubeen 
Characiformes Erythrinidae Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus native Aimara Yarrow 
Characiformes Erythrinidae Hoplias malabaricus native Trahira Guabine 
Siluriformes Callichthyidae Hoplosternum littorale native Hassar  
Characiformes Characidae Hyphessobrycon axelrodi native Calypso tetra Riddlei 
Siluriformes Loricariidae Hypostomus robinii native Teta Teta 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Joturus pichardi native Bobo mullet  
Characiformes Anostomidae Leporinus friderici native Threespot leporinus  
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Lycengraulis grossidens native Atlantic sabretooth anchovy  
Siluriformes Callichthyidae Megalechis picta native Spotted hoplo  
Siluriformes Callichthyidae Megalechis thoracata native   
Elopiformes Megalopidae Megalops atlanticus native Tarpon Grand-écaille 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Micropoecilia picta native Swamp guppies Millions 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Mugil cephalus native Flathead mullet  
Characiformes Lebiasinidae Nannostomus unifasciatus introduced Oneline pencilfish Pencil fish 
Clupeiformes Clupeidae Odontognathus mucronatus native Guiana longfin herring  
Characiformes Characidae Odontostilbe pulchra native   
Perciformes Carangidae Oligoplites palometa native Maracaibo leatherjacket  
Synbranchiformes Synbranchidae Ophisternon aenigmaticum native Obscure swamp eel  
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis mossambicus introduced Mozambique tilapia Tilapia 
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis niloticus niloticus introduced Nile tilapia  
Siluriformes Aspredinidae Platystacus cotylephorus native Banded banjo  
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Poecilia boesemani native   
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Poecilia reticulata native Guppy Guppies 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Poecilia sphenops introduced Molly Liberty mollie 
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Poecilia vivipara native   
Perciformes Polycentridae Polycentrus schomburgkii native Guyana leaffish King coscarob 
Perciformes Haemulidae Pomadasys crocro native Burro grunt  
Pristiformes Pristidae Pristis microdon native Largetooth sawfish  
Pristiformes Pristidae Pristis pectinata native Smalltooth sawfish Espadon 
Siluriformes Auchenipteridae Pseudauchenipterus nodosus native Cocosoda catfish Yellow catfish 
Clupeiformes Engraulidae Pterengraulis atherinoides native Wingfin anchovy  
Characiformes Lebiasinidae Pyrrhulina laeta introduced Halfbanded pyrrhulina  
Siluriformes Heptapteridae Rhamdia quelen native  Silver catfish 
Cyprinodontiformes Rivulidae Rivulus hartii native Hart's rivulus Leaping guabine 
Characiformes Characidae Roeboides dayi misidentification  Glass sardine 
Siluriformes Ariidae Sciades couma misidentification Couma sea catfish  
Siluriformes Ariidae Sciades proops misidentification Crucifix sea catfish Crucifix catfish 
Perciformes Gobiidae Sicydium punctatum native   
Characiformes Curimatidae Steindachnerina argentea native Stout sardine Silverfish 
Beloniformes Belonidae Strongylura marina native Atlantic needlefish Bluebone 
Synbranchiformes Synbranchidae Synbranchus marmoratus native Marbled swamp eel Swamp eel 
Siluriformes Auchenipteridae Trachelyopterus galeatus native   
Characiformes Characidae Triportheus elongatus native Elongate hatchetfish  

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